Makeup Brush Roll

$45 $75

Is your stationery always in a mess, scattered all around the table or in the bag? And constant pen leaks do not make you happy? Make it all well-organized with a leather pencil roll. Safely rolled and closed it will keep everything in its place.

  • 7 pockets;
  • Snap-flap pocket for smaller items;
  • Strap closure.
  • Size: 19.5 x 36 cm (7.8 x 14.2" );
  • Customer size (any dimensions, send an email to if you'd like to order a custom size).


    What can be a more perfect gift for an artist or writer or even a kid? With plenty of pockets, it will keep all the stationery well-organized.

    Order personalized artist rolls for all your art club members.

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